Creature, Heidi Schreck
University of Oregon Theater Department, 2013

Creature is loosely based on the book The Life of Margery Kempe. Kempe was a medieval English businesswoman who, after the birth of her first child, experienced visions of the devil and of Jesus Christ in purple robes. Although set in the 15th century, the language of the script is contemporary and humorous, bringing a sense of immediacy and dark comedy to the characters.

The costumes were designed to capture Margery’s inner spiritual reality, which dominates the world of the play. Many of the costumes were subtly airbrushed to interact with the vibrant floor of the set, and to create the sense of color seeping up from the floor into the characters. The costumes are meant to evoke (but not re-create) medieval style, while incorporating some modern elements so as to echo the contemporary language of the script. Creature was performed in a small, intimate theater in an arena setting.

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